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By hiring a qualified PT in Austin,  you can benefit from individual attention, programming and motivation tailored specifically to your needs with continuous nutritional support and guidance. Austin understands that everyone’s circumstances vary and has created different training options to suit everybody including online/satellite programming for people further afield. 

One to One Personal Training 

One to one training sessions are where people get the best results. By training with just you and your PT, it allows for laser focus and detail on your personal, individual needs, capabilities and goals.

45 minute:

Once weekly €230 p/m

Twice weekly €450 p/m

Three weekly €655 p/m

30 minute:

Twice weekly €300 p/m

Three weekly €460 p/m

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Two to One Personal Training

This option allows you to bring a buddy or two with you to benefit from the knowledge and attention of a personal trainer but with the added support, comfort and fun of training partners. This is Austin’s most affordable training package. Continuous nutritional support and guidance included. 


45 minute:

Once weekly €280 p/m (€140 p/p, p/m)

Twice weekly €540 p/m (€270 p/p, p/m)

Three weekly €790 p/m (€395 p/p, p/m)


30 minute:

Twice weekly €360 p/m (€180 p/p, p/m)

Three weekly €560 p/m (€280 p/p, p/m)

Online Programming

Not living locally enough to train with Austin in person? No problem, Austin will create an individualised program for you to use either in another gym or at home. The focus will be on creating the best program for you and your personal goals, be it fat loss, increased fitness, muscle gain, sport specific and more. Available completely online. 

€129 - Monthly Program w/ monthly check-in

€149 - Monthly Program w/ weekly check-ins (most popular)

€199 - Training & Nutrition Package w/weekly check-ins

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