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Passionate about wellbeing, Austin has focused his studies and research on the impact food has on our body and mind. His studies have shown him that no two people are the same and he uses his knowledge to create and tailor very specific and individual nutritional and supplement protocols for each client he sees. 

Nutrition Consultation

You will meet with Austin and discuss in detail the foods you are currently eating and any intolerance problems you are having. He will then devise an individualised nutritional guide for you to follow taking into account your lifestyle and goals. Includes biosignature readings and interpretations.

Initial Consultation: €135

Weekly Check-ins: €150 per calendar month 

(after initial consultation)

*Initial Functional Medicine Consultation: €200

Bio Signature


This is a 12 site bodyfat assessment which provides you with a hormonal profile, linking each site to potential hormone imbalances that may be preventing progress in your training and body composition goals i.e. stubborn fat storage, poor sleep, low energy, digestive issues and more.

From €45 

Online Nutrition Plans

For people who cannot make it to Austin, he offers online nutritional support which has been hugely successful. Working with clients through videos calls, online food diaries and individualised nutritional reports, this is a great way to increase your health and wellbeing and a great addition to any training or sports you may already participate in.


From: €135

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